Ultimate Gift Ideas for the Ever Special People in Your Life

As the holidays inch nearer, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. When buying for so many people every year, it can be hard to stay creative. Here are a couple suggestions we’ve thought up that might help get your creative juices flowing and make gift shopping a little easier and faster this year.


  • Sports Enthusiasts

If you have someone special who is constantly active,whether it be sports or exercise, the gift ideas are endless. You have choices everywhere from vitamins and supplements to game tickets. Depending on if they like participating or watching more can help determine what to buy them. People who like to run might ike a gift card for some new Nike shoes. Fans of basketball might enjoy some tickets to a rivalry game. If you buy tickets, try to get four or five for a good price so they don’t feel pressured to bring one person. You can find amazing deals on good seats at SeatGeek.com. If they are a little older and prefer the comfort of their home, look for an authentic autograph from one of their favorite athletes. Be careful not to get anything without a certificate of authenticity; there are a lot of fakes and scams out there.


  • Outdoor Equipment

For the more adventurous, outdoorsy type, the choices are equally as plentiful. Everything from trail snacks, to survival kits. One of our favorite suggestions is an at home dehydrator and a small cookbook for drying your own meats and fruits. Not only is it fun to do, but it’s more economical and healthier. If you don’t have a super high budget, you could just get a few nice and detailed trail maps or simply a new water bottle. The thing with adventurers is they usually won’t spend money buying something new until they absolutely have to, so there are a lot of areas for improvements. Hot Bath Tub


  • New Technology and/or Upgrades

Not everyone is into sports, camping, hiking, etc. and that is totally fine; there are plenty of unique and fun gifts for the, as well. To start with, find out their interests. If they are interested in photography get them a new camera and a few class sessions. For the big kids out there that really miss driving remote controlled cars, look into a drone. Drone technology has come so far you can get a decent one for under $100 on Amazon.


  • Delivery Food Services

It sounds kinda strange, but buy them a “subscription” to delivery food services like HelloFresh. This will make their lives easier by saving time shopping and cooking. HelloFresh delivers pre measured, completely ready meals with instructions for cooking. Usually they are incredibly healthy and fresh, and not too expensive. Look into it. Also, Omaha Steaks delivers some of the freshest and best meats, directly to your door. You can order a variety package first and then see what you like best. For anyone with a sweet tooth, Sheri’s Berries offers fresh, chocolate dipped berries delivered directly to your door. Basically, you can get creative and see what works best for you.